• Rythme Futur
    Alma Swing
    Rythme Futur
  • Aire
    Tango Cinco
  • Into the Boogie
    Davide Falconi
    Into the Boogie
  • L'odore dei granai
    Souvenir d'Italie
    L'odore dei granai
  • Classical in Dixieland
    Tiger Dixie Band
    Classical in Dixieland
  • Django en Italie
    Alma Swing
    Django en Italie
  • Just Guitar
    Marco Bovi
    Just Guitar
  • Gipsy Cafè
    Minor Swingers
    Gipsy Cafè
  • Tiger Rag
    Tiger Dixie Band
    Tiger Rag
  • Gypsy Wanderlust
    Alma Swing
    Gypsy Wanderlust
  • Ventana
    Tango Cinco
  • Swingin' Christmas
    Souvenir d'Italie
    Swingin' Christmas
  • Hot Cherries
    Lara Luppi
    Hot Cherries
  • Italian Milestones
    Marco Bovi
    Italian Milestones
  • North Wind
    Giuliana Soscia & Pino Jodice
    North Wind
  • Everything Happens for the Best
    Eloisa Atti
    Everything Happens for the Best
  • Canzoni d'amore
    Souvenir d'Italie
    Canzoni d'amore
  • In Swing We Trust
    RAGTIME Compilations
    In Swing We Trust