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Available on CD and in all digital stores the wonderful dixie-jazz reinterpretation of the best Disney repertoire.

Even the TIGER DIXIE BAND wants to celebrate and pay homage to Mickey Mouse on the occasion of his 90th birthday. They do it in its own way, re-reading some of the most famous songs and melodies of Disney's legacy, starting right from "Mickey Mouse March". From "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to "The Jungle Book", from "The Aristocats" to "Mery Poppins", the Band confronts this timeless sound, able to speak the language of Jazz with the very young people and, especially, shortening the distances between popular culture and art.

Jazz immediately comes to mind when speaking of the legacy of Walt Disney. Over one hundred years of audio-visual production by Disney in the Hollywood studios has left an indelible mark on listeners throughout the world. In both feature-length films and cartoons, Dixieland, swing and orchestral jazz have always been present, with film soundtracks building a new audience of young listeners, generating original compositions which have become standards in the jazz repertoire, and creating a recognisable genre in the recording industry. Among the most well known examples are the Disney-themed albums by Louis Armstrong, Stan Getz and Duke Ellington, indicative of a strongly forged link between Disney compositions and the styles and periods in jazz.  Tiger Dixie Band has expanded its repertoire to include this timeless musical tradition, balancing history and fantasy with a program that spans Disney productions old and new. In this way the group almost becomes a theatrical popular work, bringing jazz to new young audiences as well as reaching out to those who first encountered these tunes in their youth, and has created once again a winning musical combination of pop culture and art.






Available on CD or in all the digital stores INFINITE SPACE, the new album by Pino Jodice Jazz Trio entirely inspired by the cosmos. 

The trio, with Pino Jodice (piano), Luca Pirozzi (double bass) and Pietro Iodice (drums), has over twenty years of activity and has worked all over the world also with musicians like Mike Stern, Kenny Wheeler, Michel Portal, Bob Brookmeyer, Maria Scheneider, Bill Holmann, Nguyen Le, Dick Oatts, Tommy Smith,Paul Mc Candless, Dave Douglas, Frank Tiberi, George Garzone, Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu and many other.

This album is dedicated to two of the most highly personalities in the scientific world: Stephen Hawking and Margherita Hack.
The album starts with the Apollo's 11 lift off... Come on board, close your eyes and observe the extraordinary show of the Cosmos!






Available on Spotify the new Playlist! Over 3 hours of music selected by El V with Orishas, Manu Chao, Hueso Negro, El V and The Gardenhouse, Sergent Garcia and many others!






Thursday, 22 February 2018

EDGES - New album by ELOISA ATTI

Available on CD or in all digital stores the new Album by Eloisa Atti.

Together with her band of veterans, Eloisa Atti presents the album Edges. Mixed in Tucson by the legendary Craig Schumacher and mastered in Italy by Giovanni Versari (Grammy 2016 for "Best Rock Album"), Edges is a completely original work. It has a sound which is a combination of country-jazz, blues and folk, all of which are given a unique colour with the addition of Eloisa’s very Italian taste for melody. Eloisa Atti's songs tell moving stories that linger on long after the song has ended.

As Eloisa explains, the "edges" of the title "are the extreme edges, the margins that enclose our sense of identity, the lines that are both a separation and a juncture between different worlds, liminal spaces that are the stage for sharp differences and indissoluble constraints. The edge can be the ridge of a cliff, the border between the ground on which we walk and a dimension that does not belong to us: it is the space between us and the mystery that at the same time protects us and exposes us, limits us and connects us to the rest of the world”.





Available in all digital stores the new compilation with the exclusive music selection, soundtrack of VICEVERSA, one of the most prestigious Italian restaurants in New York City.

Presented in the week of the 68th Sanremo Festival, the compilation is completely dedicated to greatest Italian pop music, here presented through the lounge, jazz and nu-jazz re-interpretations of No-Lounge, Lino Brotto, Fabrizio Bosso, Miss Pineda, Alma Swing, Franco Cerri, McEndoz and many others.

Also available as a playlist (about 4 h of music) always updated on Spotify.





Themes from the most famous vintage sitcoms come back to life in exciting big band orchestrations on this New Project recording, Nanu Nanu. Imagine roaring along the Californian highway on a motorcycle, hurling through outer space aboard the USS Enterprise, falling in love on the Pacific Princess in the southern seas or tracking crime behind the wheel of a Ford Gran Torino. Relive the times evoked through themes from these unforgettable TV series of the seventies and eighties: funk in the age of flared trousers, disco balls and long hair, and unbeatable heroes, detectives, aliens and super cops. Brilliant arrangements featuring Marco Pierobon bring renewed life to the unmistakable musical style and cultural heritage of these TV masterpieces.





Already available in all digital stores, the new TAKE B album will also be released on CD since February.

Italian guitarist and producer Andrea Maddalone, talented musician with years of important collaborations with the most important Italian and international artists (Eros Ramazzotti, Double You, Mario Biondi, Zucchero, Sarah Jane Morris and many others), creates the TAKE B project in the company of the soothing voice and the enchanting beauty of the South African singer and model Nicole Magolie.

The duo was born with the idea to reinterpret famous songs in a new and different key by performing what they call the "alternative take", hence the name TAKE B. Among elegant and refined reinterpretations in lounge, nu-jazz and chillout atmospheres, however, did not take long to take shape the first unreleased tracks.

Destined to become a classic of lounge music, this their first album is dedicated to disco-music of the last thirty years and offers next the original Next to Me, Flame and Beat of My Heart, the reinterpretation of some of the most popular dance songs in discos from all over the world, from Sex Bomb to What Is Love, from Upside Down to Umbrella from Slave To The Rhythm to Locked Out Of Heaven and many more.


Here the Track-List:

01 Next to me

02 Locked Out of Heaven

03 Umbrella

04 Sex Bomb

05 Flame

06 What Is Love

07 Upside Down

08 No Scrubs

09 Beat of My Heart

10 Take My Breath Away

11 Hot and Cold

12 Slave to the Rhythm







Finally available on CD or in all digital stores the new compilation for swing dance lovers.

More refined swing to listen to and dance along in the new selection by RAGTIME , this time enriched by some important and well-known international artists specialized in jazz dance-floor music from the 20' to the 40'.

RAGTIME is a Cultural Association which takes care of, preserves and promotes the tradition of swing music and swing dances. Together with the label COSE SONORE / ALMAN MUSIC and through the collections IN SWING WE TRUST, some of the most important and talented artist that dedicate themselves to this kind of music born in America at the beginning of the last century and famous also for helping racial integration, are brought to a wider audience of listeners and dancers.



1) Now or Never (Eloisa Atti)
2) Wondering Where  (Hot Sugar Band)
3) I Love Being Here With You (Jessie Gordon) 
4) Any Old Time (Paolo Tomelleri Big Band) 
5) Murder He Says (The Blind Rats)
6) Joe’s Mood (Benny and The Cats)
7) Exactly Like You (Swing Era Legacy)
8) Egyptian Ella (The Hot Jambalaya feat. Giorgio Cùscito)
9) Tea for Two (The Shirt Tail Stompers feat. Luca Filastro)
10) Someday Sweetheart (Pepper and the Jellies)
11) I Can’t Dance (The Swing Leekers)
12) Don’t Be That Way (New Project Orchestra)
13) Changes (Mauro Ottolini Sousaphonix)
14) Bye Bye Blues (My Gypsy Soul feat. Lino Patruno)
15) Hampton’s Home (Marco Bianchi Vibes 4tet)
16) Big Fat Mamas Are Back in Style Again (Jumpin’Up)
17) Menilmontant (Passepartout)
 B ) Tiger Rag - Century Edition Version by Tiger Dixie Band

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