Mañana Será Tarde

Genere: Pop / Reggae
Etichetta: DeepOut Records
N° catalogo: DEEP17005
Amore Angelito03:47
El Doctor05:06
Fine by Me
feat. Tweneboa
Camino de la vida
feat. Sergent Garcia
Ho bisogno di me04:02
Puta vida hermana muerte
feat. Hueso Negro
La Brigata Corazón03:20
I and I
feat. Lion Sitte
Somo de aquí somos de allá
feat. Hueso Negro
Non mi va
feat. Chisco

The new album from the historic Bolognese combo EL V and THE GARDENHOUSE decisively captures the sentiment of these times. New songs that convey the concerns of a group of musicians entering their thirtieth year of activity and with no intention of giving up. "Domani sarà già troppo tardi" (Tomorrow will be too late), says EL V in his blending of not only musical but also cultural, linguistic, and social elements. It is today that we must make a difference! It is today that we have the need and urgency to intervene and regain control of this drifting world! In a time where the culture of walls and division is prevailing, music will save us! Music, as a universal language, the smile, the energy of sharing, the joy of extending a hand to those who might not make it, represent the "Camino de la vida" (path of life) that converges in these songs.

The 12 tracks on MAÑANA SERÁ TARDE (Tomorrow Will Be Late) convey a deep desire for unity, solidarity, and togetherness. The stories told in some of these songs, such as "El Doctor" or "Tamarita," highlight extraordinary characters who have contributed to changing their time. Little-known stories of ordinary people who, through their life journey, become exceptional, serving as a source of inspiration for the daily search for new energies and stimuli. In songs like "Amore Angelito," "I and I," and "Somos de aquí, somos de allá" (We are from here, we are from there), EL V expresses the necessity of deep reflection on our future, to be lived with others and within ourselves. This new work is performed in four languages, and, in the style of the Bolognese singer, different idioms often find space and coexist within the same song. The album blends mestizo reggae, glimpses of soul, and Latin vibes in an international but deeply Italian sound. Numerous guests participate in the project, including SERGENT GARCIA, who has previously collaborated with EL V in several Italian concerts, reinterpreting his hit "Camino de la vida" in the new GARDENHOUSE version. Each of these artists contributes new poetry to this album, coloring it with passion and globality.

"...somos el mundo entero dentro de nosotros"

El V - vocals and rhythm guitar
Yatekè - bass
Pecos - drum programming & recording
Pablito La Ganga - guitars, ukulele, and vocals
Andrea "Uischi" Zucchi - saxophones and vocals
Mike Trombetti - keyboards, programming, and vocals

Produced by El V and The Gardenhouse / Stefano Dall'Osso / Raniero Gaspari
Recorded at Scandellara Studio in Bologna by Pecos
Mixed and mastered at Alman Music Project Studio in Imola (BO) by Alberto Mantovani
Graphics and cover by Fabrizio Bonfiglio
Video by Marcello Fanni & Archimedia
Photos by Cristina Baroncini
Makeup by Artestetica Sonia Imola