Genere: Jazz
Etichetta: Cose Sonore
N° catalogo: COSE22099
Jitterburg Waltz07:20
Three and One04:58
The Theme04:40
Little Child08:14
Young Pretty Lady06:54

Cose Sonore (Alman Music) presents the first project from the trio of Francesco Marziani (piano), Antonio Napolitano (double-bass) and Massimo Del Pezzo (drum). The three Neapolitan musicians, life- and music companions since their early youth, showcase a language that, even if rooted in the afro-american tradition, constantly seeks for contamination through the musical and cultural background of the Parthenopean territory. To Naples itself and to the figure of Troisi in specific the trio dedicates this first album, born from the shared urgency of giving artistic shape to a stream of ideas developed through the years. An album that wishes to be the forerunner of a project that puts sound and spontaneous expression in the first place, marked by improvisation and the choice of relying on analog tape recording technique. Eight tracks among which, alongside great compositions by Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Fats Waller and others great figures, three original Marziani numbers find place: "Little Child", "Young Pretty Lady" and, of course, "Troisi".

Francesco Marziani - Piano
Antonio Napolitano - Double Bass
Massimo Dal Pezzo - Drums

Produced by Francesco Marziani, Antonio Napolitano, Massimo Del Pezzo
Recorded and Mixed at Godfather Studio in Naples - IT by Massimiliano Pone
via Analog Tape Machine System Studer A-80 24 Tracks

Photos by Davide Visca, Joshua Jara, Olivia Micillo
Graphics by Antonio Napolitano
Layout by Gaia Fogli