Manrico Seghi Trio - FOOD HOUSE

Manrico Seghi Trio - FOOD HOUSE - Next Friday in all digital stores!

The encounter between organist Manrico Seghi and "Drum Hero" Byron Landham marks the birth of this project, then completed by Davide Palladin's guitar. From the trio's love, for music of course but also for irony and for good cooking, comes the album "Food House", which goliardically recalls the famous West Montgomery tune "Full House". Among the full "Organ Trio" mood, spacing from the sounds of West Montgomery himself, to those of Larry Young, Herbie Hancock, Duke Person and many other giants, we also discover the original "Dai dai". Eight tracks between swing and blues focusing on groove and irony, which become highlight and leading elements.







Waiting for Christmas with Evi Mair and Michele Giro

It's called Waiting for Christmas and it's the album with which we are proud to welcome Evi Mair and Michele Giro in the Cose Sonore / Alman Music catalog. Today in all digital stores!

The eclectic singer Evi Mair, steadily on the brink between rock and jazz music, says that she's "always been in love for Christmas and its Music that provides the soundtrack for this special season, so full of lights and hope". Definitely dominant is the jazz character in this "Waiting for Christmas", thought and crafted together with pianist Michele Giro. The album contains thirteen songs, the most representative of the German and American legacy, revisited and played through the arrangements of both artists. Also featuring beside Evi Mair and Michele Giro, Marco Stagni on the bass, Roman Hinteregger on the drums and the extraordinary presence of vibraphonist Georg Malfertheiner.

1) A Child Is Born
2) Oh Tannenbaum
3)  Sleigh Ride
4) Rudolph / Frosty 
5) Santa Baby
6) I’ll Be Home for Christmas
7) Am Weihnachtsbaume
8) Stille Nacht
9) Jingle Bells
10) The Christmas Song
11) Winter Wonderland
12) Driving Home for Christmas
13) The First Noel





DHANY - NOW AND EVERMORE feat. New Project Orchestra & Javier Girotto

NOW AND EVERMORE - Out today in every digital store the single hit by DHANY feat. NEW PROJECT ORCHESTRA and JAVIER GIROTTO

Last year Alman Music released WE WISH YOU A JAZZY CHRISTMAS, the much acclaimed album by NEW PROJECT ORCHESTRA, which featured new arrangements of timeless Christmas classics, along with four new songs specifically composed for the release. Beside the eighteen musicians of the big band, that project involved various guests, friends, talented artists that with their voices or instruments shaped and enriched, as soloists, the atmosphere of each of the fifteen tracks.

Wishing to keep on celebrating Christmas along with the musical magic that was born from those collaborations, Alman Music has decided to introduce every year a different single extracted from that album. Exactly one month before Christmas 2020, here comes the first one, NOW AND EVERMORE, with the voice of DHANY and the precious alto sax solo by JAVIER GIROTTO. Intimate and dreamy original ballad (music by Luca Merlini and lyrics by Luca Peterle), "Now and Evermore" is a song about melancholy and loss, but at the same time pointing towards hope and peace; therefore it has been chosen as first single, given the hard year we are experiencing. Dhany (Daniela Galli) is a multi-talented artist, vastly known to the audience thanks to her great career in the electro-music field. For this occasion she is showcasing her audience a more tender and intimate character.







Jazzy Mike Around the World | by Michele Samory

"Jazzy Mike Around the World" is the debut album by Michele Samory, Italian composer, trumpeter and vocalist. With Swing, Latin Jazz and Dixieland, all the nine tracks of the album follow the fancy travel around the world of the '40s of the iconic character Jazzy Mike, born from the fantasy of Michele and the pencil of Martina Fratini. From Cuba to New Orleans, from Morocco to Tennessee, Samory's original compositions alternate with covers which pay tribute to the greatest jazz composers of the so-called "Roarin' Age", like Glenn Miller or Duke Ellington. Joining in the expedition are Massimo Morganti (trombone), Riccardo Federici (alto sax and flute), Filippo Sebastianelli (tenor sax), Marco Postacchini (baritone sax and clarinet), Diego Donati (guitar and banjo), Manuele Montanari (double bass), Tommaso Sgammini (piano), Lorenzo Martinelli (drum), Marco Roveti (percussion) and vocal guest Sabrina Angelini... Bon Voyage!

La track-list:





Marco Marzola meets Ed Cherry - CREATE

Available in all digital platforms (Cose Sonore / Alman Music) CREATE, the album born from the encounter of the double bass player Marco Marzola with the legendary guitarist Ed Cherry.
Alongside the reinterpretation of some famous melodies chosen from the wider international jazz scene (from Davis to Ellington, from Gillespie to Mitchell) among the ten tracks on the album there are also compositions by Marzola (Prince) and Cherry (Mogadishu and The Spirits Speak). In the quartet also Oscar Marchioni (organ and electric piano) and Donato Cimaglia (drums).


01 - Blue in Green (M. Davis)
02 - Caravan (D. Ellington)
03 - Changing Times (D. Cimaglia)
04 - Manteca (D. Gillespie)
05 - Mogadishu (E. Cherry)
06 - Odwalla (R. Mitchell)
07 - Prince of Darkness (M. Davis)
08 - Prince (M. Marzola)
09 - The Spirits Speak (E. Cherry)
10 - Sunset and the Mockingbird (D. Ellington)

MARCO MARZOLA, sideman and band-leader, contrabassist, began his artistic training at the Conservatory of Ferrara and, captured by jazz at an early age, he moved to New York to deepen his studies with Barry Harris and Buster Williams. Today based in London, she continuously collaborates with musicians of the international jazz scene in Europe through Jazz Festival and Jazz Club. As a band-leader she has released several albums with the participation of acclaimed guests such as Ed Cherry, Steve Turre, Sherman Irby, Akua Dixon, Darrel Green, Dion Parson and others.

EC CHERRY is an American jazz guitarist and studio musician best known for his long association with trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, with whom he performed from 1978 until shortly before Gillespie's death in 1993. Since that time, he has worked with Paquito D'Rivera, Jon Faddis, John Patton, Hamiet Bluiett, Henry Threadgill, and Paula West. He has recorded a number of albums as a leader.




100% DIXIELAND - TIGER DIXIE BAND Official Playlist

Available on Spotify from Alman Music the official monographic playlist of the Tiger Dixie Band, 100% Dixieland ...


The Tiger Dixie Band is particularly involved in rediscovering Jazz of the so-called Roarin' Years, with an original and up-to-date approach. Typical nuances of the New Orleans and Chicago style, of Charleston and Ragtime, are philologically proposed both in style and spirit (also thanks to the use of original instruments of the time), but the sound anyway flows through the modern musical experiences of the single Band members, which melt togheter in execution, arrangement and improvisation, avoiding by this a mere "revival" effect and celebrating viceversa the statement that this musical genre hasn't aged, just like Swing or Bebop.
In collaboration with Cose Sonore / Alman Music they have so far released "Original Dixieland Songbook", dedicated to the origins of Dixieland, "Classical in Dixieland", a reinterpretation and study dedicated to the relationship between Jazz and European classical music, "A walk through Dixneyland", arrangement in Dixieland style of some of the most famous songs of the Disney legacy, and the max 45 vinyl "Tiger Rag Century Edition", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the famous "Tiger Rag".


Marco Marzola, Steve Turre, Sherman Irby: JAZZ CHRISTMAS!

Double-bass player Marco Marzola celebrates Christmas with a wonderful jazz reinterpretation of some of the most famous melodies of the Christmas tradition. Here in the company of two soloists among the most appreciated musicians of the international jazz scene: trombonist Steve Turre and saxophonist Sherman Irby. To support them also Nico Menci on piano and, Darrel Green and Dion Parson on drums. The voice of Akua Dixon is special guest in the track that closes the album: "We Three Kings". In the same track Steve Turre does not fail to play his shells that have helped make him famous while Sherman Irby becomes a flutist to duet with Turre in a funny interpretation of "Santa Baby".



1 - Let It Snow, Let It Snow,Let It Snow

2 - Santa Baby

3 - White Christmas

4 - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

5 - The Christmas Song

6 - O Christmas Tree

7 - Winter Wunderland

8 - Silent Night

9 - We Three Kings




The Stuff Is Here - New album by Pepper and the Jellies

Today available on CD or in all digital store THE STUFF IS HERE, the new album by PEPPER AND THE JELLIES.

Brilliantly reviewed in Italy as well as abroad, the quartet "Pepper and the Jellies" boasts a unique and distinctive sound thanks to the versatility of their musicians (Marco Galiffa guitar, Emiliano Macrini double-bass, Andrea Galiffa drum) and of the voice of singer Ilenia Appicciafuoco, many times awarded as one of the finest exponent in traditional jazz and roots blues.
After the success of their first album "The Viper Session", now they are releasing with Cose Sonore/Alman Music the brand new "The Stuff is Here", enriched by two original tunes and by an extraordinary guest star, trombonist Mauro Ottolini.

01 - I May Be Wrong (feat. Mauro Ottolini)
02 - Comes Love (feat. Mauro Ottolini)
03 - Before I Met You
04 - You’ll Never Know (feat. Mauro Ottolini)
05 - What a Little Moonlight Can Do
06 - Any Kind of Man
07 - I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
08 - A Brown Skin Gal Is the Best Gal After All
09 - All My Life
10 - I’ve Got the World on a String
11 - Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out (feat. Mauro Ottolini)
12 - The Stuff Is Here and It’s Mellow 
13 - A Good Man Is Hard to Find 







We Wish You a Jazzy Christmas

Available on CD or in all digital store the new Christmas album by New Project Orchestra.

Trusting on 18 musicians, the New Project Orchestra dedicate this album to Christmas, together with with some of the finest and well-known actors of the Italian Jazz scene: Fabrizio Bosso, Javier Girotto, Lara Luppi, Greg, Federico Stragà, Marco Pierobon, Fabrizio Rispoli, Dhany, and many more.
Among some of the most popular Christmas standards, we find four new released tunes, composed specifically for this work: It's Christmas Time, We wish you a Mambo Christmas, Now and Evermore, December goes away.
A balanced interplay of swinging grooves, latin waves and silky elegant moods, leading to an extraordinary Christmas in good company!



01 - Jingle Bells
02 - It’s Christmas Time (feat. Fabrizio Rispoli)
03 - Winter Wonderland (feat. Lara Luppi)
04 - A Child Is Born (feat. Fabrizio Bosso)
05 - The Christmas Song (feat. Eloisa Atti)
06 - Let It Snow (feat. Claudio Gregori)
07 - We Wish You a Mambo Christmas (feat. Javier Girotto)
08 - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (feat. Federico Stragà)
09 - Now and Evermore (feat. Dhany & Javier Girotto)
10 - What a Wonderful World (feat. Marco Pierobon)
11 - Santa Baby (feat. Sandra Cartolari)
12 - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (feat. Giuliana Beberi)
13 - Over the Rainbow (feat. Fiorenzo Zeni)
14 - Silent Night (feat. Nicole Magolie)
15 - December Goes Away (feat. Fabrizio Bosso)







Available on CD or in all digital stores TRIP HOP CROP, the compilation with over an hour of finest Trip Hop chosen from the most recent productions of Morcheeba, Skin4, Mark Lowell, Skye & Ross, Obsqure, Suz, Amycanbe, Hueso Negro, Ofeliadorme and many others.

The transformation undergone by the Bristol Sound in the last 25 years has contributed to the birth of many modern musical genres: chillout, downtempo, trance, breakbeat, ambient...but can we still nowadays recognize the distinctive roots of Trip-Hop? 
The evolution of one of the most influencing musical movements in the transition to the New Millennium, as seen through the most recent tracks of some of the most representative line-ups in Italy and abroad.


01 - SKYE & ROSS - The Point of No Return
02 - ELOISA ATTI - The Careless Song
03 - MARK LOWELL - Nowhere Waltz
04 - AMYCANBE - I Pay
05 - AM:PM - Gated
06 - MORCHEEBA ft. Amanda Zamolo - Mezcal Dream
07 - OBSQURE SUZ - Land of the Free
08 - HUESO NEGRO - Eggs Trip
09 - LETHERDIVE - Steps
10 - SKIN 4 - Why Did You Leave Me
11 - GODBLESSCOMPUTERS ft. Klune - Dreamers
12 - OFELIADORME - Hands
13 - WILLIE JEAN - The Retired Colourman
14 - IDONEO - Contrattempi

℗ 2019 ALMAN MUSIC - Catalog: ALMAN19079 - UPC: 8056479413522 - Distribution: SELF-Distribuzione / BELIEVE





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