NEW PROJECT ORCHESTRA presents L'AMERICA BAGNATA DAL MEDITERRANEO, a wonderful research work around the roots of jazz, written, directed and conducted by BRUNO TOMMASO.

Available in CD or in all digital stores, Also in HD format (48MHz-24bit) on Qobuz and on other platforms that provide this service.

A marvelous musical journey between the contaminations coming from Europe and the origins of American jazz. 80 minutes with a superb New Project Orchestra expertly directed by Bruno Tommaso.
An unpublished recording project recorded live at the Teatro Cristallo in Bolzano, Italy last June with Stefano Menato, Giuliana Beberi, Fiorenzo Zeni, Enrico Dallantonio, Giorgio Beberi, Paolo Trettel, Christian Stanchina, Gianluca Carollo, Emiliano Tamanini, Luigi Grata, Demetrio Bonvecchio, Hannes Mock, Valerio Terzan, Fabio Rossato, Roberto Spadoni, Michael Lösch, Stefano Colpi, Alessandro Ruocco.

The release of the album is accompanied by the publication of the video recording of the song "Amori al bivio" with the wonderful introduction of Fabio Rossato's accordion.







Available from Cose Sonore / Alman Music the monographic playlist of one of the most representative bands in Hot Jazz Gypsy Manouche.

Remarkable experience of musical research, Alma Swing follows a typical european tradition, which was (between the Thirties and the Forties, as still today) hot jazz. This genre was contaminated by the manouche culture of the North Europe gypsies, as well as by the parisian popular fashion and the afro-american swing craze. Apart from the US events, Alma Swing holds in the aesthetic bases of a string jazz with direct reference to Django Reinhardt's guitar style and Stéphane Grappelli's finesse. Those were certainly among the main heroes of french jazz. Thanks to a variety of program and show proposals, Alma Swing opens to the current time the most peculiar contents of this music, from the repertory and the executive procedures, carried out by means of  the typical set of instruments and the melting pot of jazz and gypsy idioms. According to a rétro orchestra silhouette and to an acoustic line up, where the typical manouche guitars and the fiddle are protagonists, Alma Swing plays with personality the suggestions of an age impressed in the vinyl and in the grammophons voices, remarking the contemporary wide success of music.

The band that has recently performed together with guitarist Bireli Lagrene will be in concert next Wednesday at Blue Note in Milan.

The official playlist collects all the tracks of the albums Rythme Futur, Django en Italie and the latest Gypsy Wanderlust made in collaboration with the Italian jazz guitarist Franco Cerri.






New Project Orchestra & Roberto Spadoni | SPHERE feat. Fabrizio Bosso

SPHERE by New Project Orchestra & Roberto Spadoni feat. Fabrizio Bosso - Now also available in all digital stores.

The figure of American pianist and composer Thelonious Sphere Monk has continued to grow bigger after his death in 1982 and the legacy he left behind is a monument in the history of the twentieth century arts. He is today one of the most studied, performed and replayed musicians in the jazz scene.

SPHERE was realized by New Project Orchestra as a tribute to the great artist in the thirtieth anniversary of the disappearance and revisits some pages of his extraordinary repertoire. The arrangements and the direction of Roberto Spadoni are developed starting from the piano performances of Monk, amplified then by the orchestral staff. Ten tracks signed by Monk are flanked by two original compositions born of ideas, fragments and ideas captured by his human and expressive universe. The project is enriched by the participation of the special guest Fabrizio Bosso.


Tracklist: I Mean You, Monk's Mood, Monk Ring, Little Rootie Tootie, Introspection, Epistrophy, Brilliant Corner, Crepuscule With Nellie, Ubi Minor, Major Cessat, Straight No Chaser, 'Round Midnight, Thelonious.




OJP di Pino Jodice e Giuliana Soscia feat. Paolo Fresu - MEGARIDE also available in video

The incredible concert of the Orchestra Jazz Parthenopea di Pino Jodice e Giuliana Soscia with the extraordinary participation of trumpeter Paolo Fresu is now also available on YouTube. You can find it on YouTube on our channel COSE SONORE. 80 minutes of Jazz of the highest level with original compositions and new arrangements made for this spectacular concert.

In the phlegraean heart of the creative and volcanic Naples was born the "Orchestra Jazz Parthenopea di Pino Jodice e Giuliana Soscia". The project MEGARIDE drew its inspiration from the former tuff islet that was the birthplace of the ancient Parthenope - now a peninsula. Naples is thus seen as the cultural center of the Mediterranean, a crossroads of wonderful and artistically insuperable encounters where jazz today represents an important and well-established reality.
The musicians involved are: Pino Jodice (conductor, compositions, arrangements and piano), Giuliana Soscia (conductor, compositions, arrangements and accordion), Paolo Fresu (compositions, trumpet, flugelhorn and live-electronic), Giovanni Imparato (percussions and vocal), Domenico Guastafierro (flute), Enzo Amazio (guitar), Alexandre Cerdà Belda (tuba), Luciano Bellico, Claudio Cardito, Gianluca Vigliar, Valerio Virzo, Nicola Rando (saxophones), Gianfranco Campagnoli, Lorenzo Federici, Fabio Renzullo, Pino Melfi, Umberto Paudice (trumpets), Alessandro Tedesco, Francesco Izzo, Pasquale Mosca, Michelangelo Grisi (trombones), Marco De Tilla (double bass and electric bass), Pietro Iodice (drums).


Available on CD and in all digital stores the wonderful dixie-jazz reinterpretation of the best Disney repertoire.

Even the TIGER DIXIE BAND wants to celebrate and pay homage to Mickey Mouse on the occasion of his 90th birthday. They do it in its own way, re-reading some of the most famous songs and melodies of Disney's legacy, starting right from "Mickey Mouse March". From "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to "The Jungle Book", from "The Aristocats" to "Mery Poppins", the Band confronts this timeless sound, able to speak the language of Jazz with the very young people and, especially, shortening the distances between popular culture and art.

Jazz immediately comes to mind when speaking of the legacy of Walt Disney. Over one hundred years of audio-visual production by Disney in the Hollywood studios has left an indelible mark on listeners throughout the world. In both feature-length films and cartoons, Dixieland, swing and orchestral jazz have always been present, with film soundtracks building a new audience of young listeners, generating original compositions which have become standards in the jazz repertoire, and creating a recognisable genre in the recording industry. Among the most well known examples are the Disney-themed albums by Louis Armstrong, Stan Getz and Duke Ellington, indicative of a strongly forged link between Disney compositions and the styles and periods in jazz.  Tiger Dixie Band has expanded its repertoire to include this timeless musical tradition, balancing history and fantasy with a program that spans Disney productions old and new. In this way the group almost becomes a theatrical popular work, bringing jazz to new young audiences as well as reaching out to those who first encountered these tunes in their youth, and has created once again a winning musical combination of pop culture and art.






Pino Jodice Jazz Trio | Infinite Space

Available on CD or in all the digital stores INFINITE SPACE, the new album by Pino Jodice Jazz Trio entirely inspired by the cosmos. 

The trio, with Pino Jodice (piano), Luca Pirozzi (double bass) and Pietro Iodice (drums), has over twenty years of activity and has worked all over the world also with musicians like Mike Stern, Kenny Wheeler, Michel Portal, Bob Brookmeyer, Maria Scheneider, Bill Holmann, Nguyen Le, Dick Oatts, Tommy Smith,Paul Mc Candless, Dave Douglas, Frank Tiberi, George Garzone, Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu and many other.

This album is dedicated to two of the most highly personalities in the scientific world: Stephen Hawking and Margherita Hack.
The album starts with the Apollo's 11 lift off... Come on board, close your eyes and observe the extraordinary show of the Cosmos!






EDGES - New album by ELOISA ATTI

Available on CD or in all digital stores the new Album by Eloisa Atti.

Together with her band of veterans, Eloisa Atti presents the album Edges. Mixed in Tucson by the legendary Craig Schumacher and mastered in Italy by Giovanni Versari (Grammy 2016 for "Best Rock Album"), Edges is a completely original work. It has a sound which is a combination of country-jazz, blues and folk, all of which are given a unique colour with the addition of Eloisa’s very Italian taste for melody. Eloisa Atti's songs tell moving stories that linger on long after the song has ended.

As Eloisa explains, the "edges" of the title "are the extreme edges, the margins that enclose our sense of identity, the lines that are both a separation and a juncture between different worlds, liminal spaces that are the stage for sharp differences and indissoluble constraints. The edge can be the ridge of a cliff, the border between the ground on which we walk and a dimension that does not belong to us: it is the space between us and the mystery that at the same time protects us and exposes us, limits us and connects us to the rest of the world”.





VICEVERSA - Italian Glam in Manhattan

Available in all digital stores the new compilation with the exclusive music selection, soundtrack of VICEVERSA, one of the most prestigious Italian restaurants in New York City.

Presented in the week of the 68th Sanremo Festival, the compilation is completely dedicated to greatest Italian pop music, here presented through the lounge, jazz and nu-jazz re-interpretations of No-Lounge, Lino Brotto, Fabrizio Bosso, Miss Pineda, Alma Swing, Franco Cerri, McEndoz and many others.

Also available as a playlist (about 4 h of music) always updated on Spotify.





70s - 80s TV Theme Songs by New Project Orchestra & Marco Perobon

Themes from the most famous vintage sitcoms come back to life in exciting big band orchestrations on this New Project recording, Nanu Nanu. Imagine roaring along the Californian highway on a motorcycle, hurling through outer space aboard the USS Enterprise, falling in love on the Pacific Princess in the southern seas or tracking crime behind the wheel of a Ford Gran Torino. Relive the times evoked through themes from these unforgettable TV series of the seventies and eighties: funk in the age of flared trousers, disco balls and long hair, and unbeatable heroes, detectives, aliens and super cops. Brilliant arrangements featuring Marco Pierobon bring renewed life to the unmistakable musical style and cultural heritage of these TV masterpieces.





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