Already available in all digital stores, the new TAKE B album will also be released on CD since February.

Italian guitarist and producer Andrea Maddalone, talented musician with years of important collaborations with the most important Italian and international artists (Eros Ramazzotti, Double You, Mario Biondi, Zucchero, Sarah Jane Morris and many others), creates the TAKE B project in the company of the soothing voice and the enchanting beauty of the South African singer and model Nicole Magolie.

The duo was born with the idea to reinterpret famous songs in a new and different key by performing what they call the "alternative take", hence the name TAKE B. Among elegant and refined reinterpretations in lounge, nu-jazz and chillout atmospheres, however, did not take long to take shape the first unreleased tracks.

Destined to become a classic of lounge music, this their first album is dedicated to disco-music of the last thirty years and offers next the original Next to Me, Flame and Beat of My Heart, the reinterpretation of some of the most popular dance songs in discos from all over the world, from Sex Bomb to What Is Love, from Upside Down to Umbrella from Slave To The Rhythm to Locked Out Of Heaven and many more.


Here the Track-List:

01 Next to me

02 Locked Out of Heaven

03 Umbrella

04 Sex Bomb

05 Flame

06 What Is Love

07 Upside Down

08 No Scrubs

09 Beat of My Heart

10 Take My Breath Away

11 Hot and Cold

12 Slave to the Rhythm







IN SWING WE TRUST VOL.2 - Ballroom & Classic Vintage Jazz Swing

Finally available on CD or in all digital stores the new compilation for swing dance lovers.

More refined swing to listen to and dance along in the new selection by RAGTIME , this time enriched by some important and well-known international artists specialized in jazz dance-floor music from the 20' to the 40'.

RAGTIME is a Cultural Association which takes care of, preserves and promotes the tradition of swing music and swing dances. Together with the label COSE SONORE / ALMAN MUSIC and through the collections IN SWING WE TRUST, some of the most important and talented artist that dedicate themselves to this kind of music born in America at the beginning of the last century and famous also for helping racial integration, are brought to a wider audience of listeners and dancers.



1) Now or Never (Eloisa Atti)
2) Wondering Where  (Hot Sugar Band)
3) I Love Being Here With You (Jessie Gordon) 
4) Any Old Time (Paolo Tomelleri Big Band) 
5) Murder He Says (The Blind Rats)
6) Joe’s Mood (Benny and The Cats)
7) Exactly Like You (Swing Era Legacy)
8) Egyptian Ella (The Hot Jambalaya feat. Giorgio Cùscito)
9) Tea for Two (The Shirt Tail Stompers feat. Luca Filastro)
10) Someday Sweetheart (Pepper and the Jellies)
11) I Can’t Dance (The Swing Leekers)
12) Don’t Be That Way (New Project Orchestra)
13) Changes (Mauro Ottolini Sousaphonix)
14) Bye Bye Blues (My Gypsy Soul feat. Lino Patruno)
15) Hampton’s Home (Marco Bianchi Vibes 4tet)
16) Big Fat Mamas Are Back in Style Again (Jumpin’Up)
17) Menilmontant (Passepartout)
 B ) Tiger Rag - Century Edition Version by Tiger Dixie Band

COSE 17022 – EAN: 8056479411290
Distribuito da: SELF / BelieveDigital





TIGER RAG CENTURY EDITION - Anniversary Vinyl 12 '' 45 rpm

Available the vinyl 12 '' 45 rpm made to celebrate the centenary of the first recording of Tiger Rag.

Tiger Rag Century Edition is a project initiated exactly 100 years after the first release of the famous and loved dixieland tune Tiger Rag. It contains the original restored version dated 1917, plus a new version, recorded by contemporary musicians on an original wax cylinder; in fact, 2017 also happens to be the 140th anniversary of Thomas Alva Edison’s invention of the phonograph.





NAPOLI ANCORA by NO-LOUNGE (More Traditional Naples Songs in Nu-Jazz, Bossa and Lounge Experience)

Available from Friday, November 10th on CDs and in all digital stores NAPOLI ANCORA (More Traditional Naples Songs in Nu-Jazz, Bossa and Lounge Experience), the new album by NO-LOUNGE.


Following the growing success of the album NAPOLI (Traditional Naples Songs in Nu-Jazz, Bossa & Lounge Experience), and inspired by so many requests, the NO-LOUNGE band publishes a new work dedicated to the Neapolitan song. NAPOLI ANCORA is the natural sequel to the original album released in 2013, which is now considered a classic of the Nu-Jazz / Lounge Music repertoire and is permanently present in the world's most downloaded release charts as well as in the Italian iTunes jazz chart.

Once again Stefano Dall'Osso's past and musical experiences, from Jazz and Swing to Blues and South American, meet with the Mediterranean warmth of Virginia Mancaniello's voice in an accurate and international reinterpretation of the great Neapolitan song repertoire. Fifteen new songs in which, among classical pieces such as "Munasterio ‘e Santa Chiara" and a bit more recent ones, such as "Tu vuò fa' l'americano", there is the beautiful " Napule è " in homage to Pino Daniele.  Fifteen new arrangements with the participation of some of the greatest musicians in the Italian jazz and pop scene: Teo Ciavarella, Roberto Bartoli, Gabriele Palazzi Rossi, Flavio Piscopo, Andrea Morelli, Maurizio Piancastelli, Claudio Napolitano, Giorgio Santisi, Stefano Medioli, Leonardo Ghezzi, Piero Innati and Massimo Poggi.






ALMA SWING feat. FRANCO CERRI - Gypsy Wanderlust

ALMA SWING Quartet presents GYPSY WANDERLUST, the new album featuring FRANCO CERRI, available on CD or in all digital stores.

"Artists, explorers or simply dreamers have continually been inspired by the literary influence of Jule Verne's Around The World In 80 Days, untiringly challenging themselves in similar and faster ventures. From east to west or west to east, across the seas, across the lands, through the air and... culminating into music."

The jazz quartet Alma Swing (Mattia Martorano – violin, Lino Brotto – lead guitar, Andrea Boschetti – rhythm guitar and Beppe Pilotto – double bass) is currently considered one of the best Italian expressions of typical European Jazz from the thirties and fourties, combining Hot Swing, manouche gypsy culture, Parisian popular traditions and the Afro-American swing-craze.
Separate from the American historical jazz influence, Alma Swing has its roots in Django Reinhardt's string jazz and Stéphane Grappelli's brilliance, approching this music with individual flare, renovating the repertory whilst constantly crossing over between jazz and gypsy flavour.
Presenting the old-style silhouette and a traditional acoustic line-up (where the manouche guitars and the violin play the main roles) Alma Swing echoes the vinyl and grammophone era whose success is still celebrated thoughout the world today. After their first release dedicated to Django Reinhardt (Rythme Futur) and a second of well known popular Italian songs remade in a hot jazz style (Django En Italie), the ensemble now presents a new album drawing from Parisian Hot Jazz and evermore distant flavours. Gypsy Wanderlust proposes indeed original compositions inspired by the literary imagery of Around The World In 80 Days as in Evasione e Fuga in Re Minore, Hong Kong Alley Cat, Tanguera, Waiting Room Harlem Station. The album also features the honoured participation of the iconic jazz guitarist Fanco Cerri in two standards Bluesette and Nuages.







UKULELE LOVERS - The new album now available on CD or in all Digital Stores!

Today available on CD or in all Digital Stores IN THIS LIFE, the new album by UKULELE LOVERS.

George Harrison said: “Everybody should have and play a uke, its so simple to carry with you and it is one instrument you can't play and not laugh!... So get yourself a few and enjoy yourselves”. And it's true, the ukulele is exactly that, it offers a precious gift where everyone is an integral part of the group encouraged by the possibility to play it in only a few hours. 

Fascinated by this small instrument's great virtue, the guitarist Andrea Boschetti created a vocal/instrumental ensemble made up of singers and musicians which have been active in classical, pop and jazz music; but painters are also involved, theatrical technicians and even farmers (organic!!), good friends happily building upon a common artistic project: Ukulele Lovers. It soon became not only an avenue for for amateurs but also an example of how the pleasure of sharing the "art of meeting" is truly the main point in making music. 

Performances, educational meetings, jazz festivals and music workshops organized this band help various humanitarian and solidarity initiatives linked to the whole of the world (from Paul Moore 's Ukuleles for Peace to Chiquitica by Updoo World). 

IN THIS LIFE is the first CD by Ukulele Lovers, a pleasant mix of original songs and personalized covers which have been delightfully arranged. You will not only find great jazz standards, traditional, gospel and folk songs, but also favourites by Janis Joplin, Alicia Keys and Bob Dylan. 

Except for double bass and violin upon some tracks, the entire album is played by ukuleles (from soprano to bass). They are joined by other unique instruments not sold in stores, mostly self build or prototypes. Some special guests took part of this album: the guitar virtuoso Daniele Gottardo choose the soprano ukulele for his solo with flavours of Central America. Pietro Tonolo used the velvet sounds of the flutax (a mix between a flute and a tenor sax), a wind instrument invented by himself. Maurizio Bestetti preferred a overdriven cigar box assembled by the Cooperative Laboratory of Arco (TN), Andrea Verza has improvised with a Cossa (a peculiar wind instrument built with the pieces of pumpkin) made available by the Sound Landscape Museum in Riva by Chieri (TO). Lorenzo Frizzera played his Chiquitica, a low cost guitar (€3) developed for people living in poor countries but eager to study music. 

IN THIS LIFE takes its name from the opening song of the album, also featured in a video clip shot by Simone Casadio Pirazzoli and edited by Domenico Giovannini. The song is a hymn of happiness, a motto to the joy that comes from sharing music. The Ukulele Lovers Family once again emphasises the desire to aggregate and invite everyone to be part of the group. 

Ukulele Lovers are: Annika Borsetto, Ilaria Mandruzzato, Barbara Fortin, Milena Dolcetto, Antonella Pasqualini, Marinella Pavan, Andrea Boschetti, Mattia Martorano, Daniele Saggiorato, Marco Barion, Vittore Dalla Benetta, Alessandro Turchet.





Giuliana Soscia & Pino Jodice Quartet Meets Tommy Smith

Giuliana Soscia & Pino Jodice Quartet presents NORTH WIND, the new album featuring Tommy Smith available on CD or in all digital stores.
Musical artistry and compositional talents and skills come together to bring "North Wind" to life thanks to the extraordinary Scottish saxophonist Tommy Smith's European jazz and accordionist Giuliana Soscia and pianist Pino Jodice's Italian sound. All supported by an exceptional rhythm section with Valerio Vantaggio on drums and Luca Pirozzi on double bass and electric bass.
Nine greatly inspired original compositions in which Tommy Smith masterfully evokes reminiscences of the Scottish Highlands, lands of mythological heroes, northern winds and historic landscapes, richly contaminating the Mediterranean flavors and unmistakable styles of the well-known couple Giuliana Soscia / Pino Jodice.

MEGARIDE feat. Paolo Fresu - The Live Album by Orchestra Jazz Parthenopea di Pino Jodice e Giuliana Soscia

Available on CD or in all digital stores the live album by "Orchestra Jazz Parthenopea di Pino Jodice e Giuliana Soscia", special guest Paolo Fresu.
In the phlegraean heart of the creative and volcanic Naples was born the "Orchestra Jazz Parthenopea di Pino Jodice e Giuliana Soscia". The project MEGARIDE drew its inspiration from the former tuff islet that was the birthplace of the ancient Parthenope - now a peninsula. Naples is thus seen as the cultural center of the Mediterranean, a crossroads of wonderful and artistically insuperable encounters where jazz today represents an important and well-established reality.
The musicians involved are: Pino Jodice (conductor, compositions, arrangements and piano), Giuliana Soscia (conductor, compositions, arrangements and accordion), Paolo Fresu (compositions, trumpet, flugelhorn and live-electronic), Giovanni Imparato (percussions and vocal), Domenico Guastafierro (flute), Enzo Amazio (guitar), Alexandre Cerdà Belda (tuba), Luciano Bellico, Claudio Cardito, Gianluca Vigliar, Valerio Virzo, Nicola Rando (saxophones), Gianfranco Campagnoli, Lorenzo Federici, Fabio Renzullo, Pino Melfi, Umberto Paudice (trumpets), Alessandro Tedesco, Francesco Izzo, Pasquale Mosca, Michelangelo Grisi (trombones), Marco De Tilla (double bass and electric bass), Pietro Iodice (drums).

CLASSICAL IN DIXIELAND | from Bach to Debussy in Old Style Jazz

Finally available CLASSICAL IN DIXIELAND, the new project by TIGER DIXIE BAND.

In this album, dedicated to the relationship between jazz and European classical music, the Band proposes, in typical dixie-jazz style, some of the most famous themes of the greatest classical composers. From Bizet to Rossini, from Beethoven to Vivaldi, from Bach to Debussy.





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