SIXTIES ITALIAN IN THE GROOVE - The new album by No-Lounge

Stefano Dall’Osso and Virginia Mancaniello are “No-Lounge”. The past and the musical experience of Stefano, from Jazz to Southamerican and from Swing to Blues, meet the Mediterranean warmth of Virginia's voice in a detailed international performance of the great repertoire of the Italian music.
This style mixed with bossa , jazz, swing and chill out could be modernly called Lounge Music. But today, when Lounge Music becomes popular and when bossa and new-jazz turn into “cool”, the selection of the name “No-Lounge” intends to avert labels: music does not need it! 12 Italian songs from the prolific 60’s (from 1961 to 1969); from “Rose Rosse” to “Una carezza in un pugno”, from “Io ti darò di più” to  "E la chiamano estate”. 

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