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Remarkable experience of musical research, Alma Swing follows a typical european tradition, which was (between the Thirties and the Forties, as still today) hot jazz. This genre was contaminated by the manouche culture of the North Europe gypsies, as well as by the parisian popular fashion and the afro-american swing craze. Apart from the US events, Alma Swing holds in the aesthetic bases of a string jazz with direct reference to Django Reinhardt's guitar style and Stéphane Grappelli's finesse. Those were certainly among the main heroes of french jazz. Thanks to a variety of program and show proposals, Alma Swing opens to the current time the most peculiar contents of this music, from the repertory and the executive procedures, carried out by means of  the typical set of instruments and the melting pot of jazz and gypsy idioms. According to a rétro orchestra silhouette and to an acoustic line up, where the typical manouche guitars and the fiddle are protagonists, Alma Swing plays with personality the suggestions of an age impressed in the vinyl and in the grammophons voices, remarking the contemporary wide success of music.

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Rythme Future
Django en Italie
Gypsy Wanderlust

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