Ghosts and rats haunt “Ghosts”, the debut single by Qvintessence, by which the Bolognese rock band wants to exorcise the "skeletons in the closet" and the "ghosts" that we carry inside.

They speak of infamous people, those who have marked us through small gestures and have obtained a place of dishonor in our soul.

Rock music through its communicative energy becomes a vehicle and catharsis of the most intimate essence of the band, which has its musical roots in the Seattle grunge of the early 90s.

The videoclip, out next 20th March, has the signature of director Simone Casadio Pirazzoli who, after directing the video of “Our new world” by Dream Theater, returns to deal with distorted guitars and heavy drums.

Everything were shot at the Ex Psychiatric Hospital of the Osservanza hospital in Imola, a place that brings to mind one of the darkest pages of our recent history, but makes a fundamental contribution to the video clip, underlining the anxieties that the song tells. .

“Ghosts” comes out on DeepOut Records and anticipates the homonymous album Qvintessence, which will be available from the end of May on CD, vinyl and on all digital platforms.


WORLDWIDE - Remixes & Versions by EL V and THE GARDENHOUSE

WORLDWIDE - Available in CD or in all digital stores the new album by EL V AND THE GARDENHOUSE (DeepOut Records).

To celebrate 30 years of career EL V AND THE GARDENHOUSE publish a collection of new versions of their most significant repertoire specially created with DJs, producers and artists from all around the world. Hence the title WORLDWIDE. A new form to relive songs that have marked the path of the band from Bologna. Of course, many guests, featuring and combination, are featured in this album, including Sergent Garcia, Lion Sitte, Hueso Negro, Francesca Taverni and many others.

The album is presented through the first single and the first video-clip WORLD IS ON FIRE.

With over an hour of music, WORLDWIDE collects 16 tracks from Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Brazil and of course Italy. From "Un Cafesito Mami" to "La Musica Negra", from "World Is on Fire" to "El Chinguero", also the new track "Night Time". An album built together with DJs and producers, who have different paths and use different languages. In this project each of them has given new life to the songs of the GARDENHOUSE history. An exotic, tropical, urban Latin, fresh and current album!  ... Voy buscando otro lugar ...






RASTA CLAUS - Traditional World Christmas Songs in Reggae Flavour

Frank Nemola, trumpeter and awarded Italian producer presents the funny album Rasta Claus, restyling some of the most famous traditional Christmas songs in reggae style.

Through the voices of Simona Galeandro and Marco "El V", the album proposes eleven Christmas Hits (as Last Christmas, What a Wonderful World, Frosty the Snowman, Sleigh Ride, and more) and the exclusive song Christmas Time in Jamaica written by Frank and Marco "El V" and dedicated to all the people in the world who have not the opportunity to enjoy Christmas.





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