Genere: Latin / Pop / Pop - Reggae / Reggae
Etichetta: DeepOut Records
N° catalogo: DEEP19013
La musica negra (Hueso Negro RMX)
feat. Francesca Taverni
World Is on Fire (DJ Mista RMX)
feat. Francesca Taverni
I and I
feat. Lion Sitte
Un cafesito mami (Hueso Negro)
feat. Il Generale
El Chinguero (A.M. Link RMX)04:07
Camino de la vida (Andrès Digital RMX)
feat. Francesca Taverni & Sergent Garcia
Night Time
feat. Francesca Taverni
Radio Casa Garden (Jah Sazza RMX)03:37
Un paso pa' aquí un paso pa' allá (Sonido Satanás)
feat. Sonido Satanás
El Doctor05:06
Como canta
feat. Hueso Negro
Otro lugar (Oski Jah RMX)
feat. Lion Sitte
Cha tu cha (Caballo RMX)03:18
Mama negra (El V Dancehall RMX)
feat. Rootsman I
Hermanamiento (Son del Barrio & Turbosound RMX)
feat. Cico

To celebrate 30 years of their career, EL V AND THE GARDENHOUSE release a collection of new versions of their most significant repertoire, made for the occasion with DJs, producers, and artists from various parts of the world. Hence the title WORLDWIDE. It's a fresh way to relive songs that have marked the journey of the Bolognese band, making them contemporary while always keeping the desire for mixing and contamination at the forefront. As usual, there are many guests, featuring artists, and combinations. In this album, you'll find collaborations with Sergent Garcia, Lion Sitte, Hueso Negro, Francesca Taverni, and many others.

The album is introduced through the first single and the first music video, WORLD IS ON FIRE, emphasizing a world left burning due to negligence and indifference, but at the same time, a world burning with passion, strength, and the desire for growth.

Because music is passion, commitment, and sharing! Throughout all these years, the band led by El V has continued to live it this way, devouring stages, kilometers, and recording studios. They have done it with energy and that unique personality that has always distinguished them, far from any label but certain of belonging to one great musical world... Un mundo sin fronteras! (A world without borders!)

With over an hour of music, WORLDWIDE features 16 tracks from Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and, of course, Italy. From "Un Cafesito Mami" to "La Musica Negra," from "World Is on Fire" to "El Chinguero," including the unreleased "Night Time." This album was built together with DJs and producers, each with their own paths and using different languages. In this project, each of them has infused new life into the songs from the GARDENHOUSE's history. It's an exotic, tropical, urban Latin album, fresh and up-to-date!

...Voy buscando otro lugar...

Produced by EL V

Versions and Remixes by Stefano Dall'Osso aka Hueso NegroJah SazzaDj FarrapoOski JahAndrès DigitalDj Mista, A.M. Link, El V DancehallSá MeninaCaballoSon Del BarrioTurbosoundSonido Satanás.

Also Featuring Segent Garcia (6), Francesca Taverni (1, 2, 6, 8) , Lion Sitte (3), Il Generale (4), Hueso Negro (7, 12), Rootsman I (15), Cico & Son Del Barrio (16), Sonido Satanás (10).

Mastered by Alberto Mantovani at Alman Project Studioin Imola (BO) Italy

Graphics by Fabrizio Bonfiglio

Photos by Tony "El Cobra" De Erbiti (Habana Vieja - La Habana - Cuba)