is the first album of original songs, performed by the South African singer and model Nicole Magolie, and produced by the icon of nu-jazz/lounge music, Papik. Ten tracks wrotten by the two artists in hip-hop, soul, jazz, dance, and R&B. With diverse listening experience the album is characterized by Nicole's captivating vocals and Papik's distinctive style.

The album's release was preceded by the introduction of two singles: "Montecarlo," one of the most-played tracks on major Italian and French radio stations throughout the summer, and "Walkin Walkin." The focus track for this release is the single "Crazy for You," a nu-disco-inspired track with an '80s flavor. The entire album is available in all stores in physical CD and on all digital platforms. It is also available in a spatial audio format (Dolby Atmos) for platforms that support this technology.

Walkin Walkin


is the second single chosen to present Papik's new project, featuring the singer, model, and performer from South Africa, Nicole Magolie. This release anticipates the album "Montecarlo Diamonds," which is set to be released in October. Following the radio success of the first single "Montecarlo," heavily played throughout the summer on RMC and other major Italian and French radio stations, this second track is characterized by Soul and R&B sound. Once again co-written by the two artists, "Walkin Walkin" is an introspective yet alluring song, distinguished by Papik's unmistakable style and Nicole's typical sensual vocal character. Down Tempo, but it doesn't lack that constant desire for movement present throughout the album. Starting from September 15th, the song will be available on all radio stations and digital stores, also in spatial audio format (Dolby Atmos) for platforms that support this format. The presentation of the single comes with the black-and-white videoclip directed and produced by Simone Pirazzoli, filmed while “Walkin Walkin” through the streets of the Principality of Monaco... "Walkin Walkin… Till I find you."

NAPOLI | 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago “Napoli” by No-Lounge was released, an album that would become a cult among the Nu-Jazz / Lounge Music genre. The musicians’ take on some of the most significant works of the Neapolitan repertoire, from “Dicitencello Vuie” to “Anema e core”, “Malafemmena”, “Tu si na cosa grande”, have since entered the charts of digital stores all over the world. Years ago the Italian newspaper “Il Mattino” wrote: “You just can’t walk along the waterfront of Naples without happening to hear a tune by No-Lounge.” Today, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release, its label Alman Music introduces the remaster of the whole album, enhanced for the best possible listening experience, both on analog and digital. It is now available, starting from today, the 33 RPM vinyl edition in brick-and-mortar record stores, and the Spatial Audio “Dolby Atmos” version on digital sellers that support this new format. The high definition (Hi-Res Audio) version will also be available on suitable platforms.



is the first single chosen to introduce Papik’s brand new project in partnership with South-African singer, model and performer Nicole Magolie. This track comes ahead of the upcoming album “Montecarlo Diamonds” that will be released shortly after summer 2023. Co-wrote by those two artists, “Montecarlo” is a groovy, fresh song with a catchy refrain in a renewed “disco” style, one of these songs that make you feel like tapping your foot or -even better- to jump up and dance...and chill out. Starting on May 25th the song will air on every radio station and will be available from every digital store, even in spatial audio (Dolby Atmos) on suitable platforms. On the same day there will be the release of its own video clip, written and directed by Simone Pirazzoli, shot in a luxury location right in the City of the Principality of Monaco. The collaboration between the two artists will form the album’s ten original tracks, that range from Hip Hop, to Soul, Jazz, Dance and R ‘n’ B flavors. An album that delivers an ever-changing, yet always captivating listening experience, with Nicole’s voice and Papik’s unique style.


South African model and singer, native English speaker, originally from South Africa, Nicole Magolie is best known in Italy through her presence on the main television networks.  She has taken part in many TV programs on the RAI networks (most recently in the cast of the RAI 2 program “Voice Anatomy” conducted by Pino Insegno).  She appears in numerous national commercials as a protagonist, including that of the last European Football Championships and is currently testimonial of Matera European Capital of Culture.

She is one of the main attractions of the Hotel de Paris in Montecarlo and she has an intense live activity throughout Italy.  She has also taken part in international productions such as "Dream Girl Hollywood".  She participated in numerous music projects as a soloist, collaborating with No-Lounge, Take B and New Project Orchestra. She released in 2022 her first album "Don't Ever Go" dedicated to Jazz Standards with the extraordinary participation of some of the most important soloists of the Italian and international jazz scene (Fabrizio Bosso, Javier Girotto, Max Ionata and Fiorenzo Zeni).

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